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A little story about la Mima's...

Cute fabrics

...I've always felt that little spark inside to start my own business and create whatever comes to mind with no limits. Just be and create. And I've always felt attracted to fine fabrics, nice compositions, bright colors, interior and art. With la Mima's all these aspects come together.

With my suitcase packed with my inspirations: my lovely kids, music, art, thriftshopping, hopes and dreams, I travel around Europe to find you the finest fabrics from all around the globe.

My own collection -named Paws Up!- gives you a little sneak peek of the person behind la Mima's. So if you fall in love with the beautiful designs and prints, like I did, but don't know how to even start your sewing machine, no worries! la Mima's also makes items to order. Just pick your favorite fabric(s) and handmade item and I will transform them into your perfect personal (fashion) item.

So whatever you pick, you are assured of a special and unique item by la Mima's!!

xo la Mima